Disco Series

Culinary Innovation Meets Age-Old Tradition

This unique modular cooking system is so much more than your average camp stove. Built to last, lightweight, portable, and powerful.

Inspired by generations of farmers in the Southwestern United States that made improvised cook surfaces from plow discs, a tradition called “Discada.”  Whether you want to cook standing up, sitting down, over the fire, or on uneven ground, the Disco Series rises to the occasion.


The "Disco Series" camping cooking stove consists of 4 separate items: Disco Skillet, Disco Tripod, Disco Stove and Disco Table.

  • Disco Skillet

- Meehanite® cast iron: patented process for extra strength

- Non-Stick, thanks to its premium enamel coating

- Easy care: no seasoning needed, handwash with soap & water

- Food Safe: no heavy metals or environmental hormones

  • Disco Tripod

- Heavy-duty: thick, heat-resistant anodized aluminum

- Fast: takes only seconds to deploy

- Adjustable height: cook standing up, sitting down, or anywhere in between with the adjustable legs

- Compact: 4.8" x 22" when closed

- Stable: rigid legs with rubber feet, can be used on different terrain

- Included Accessories: pulley system & chain to be used for cooking over the fire

  • Disco Stove

- Versatile: Can be used on the tripod or on a table/ground with its legs deployed

- Easy to carry with its included pouch

- Durability: manufactured in partnership with Kovea, a global leader in camping stoves

  • Disco Table

- Easy & fast installation

- Provides a convenient cooking experience

- Adjustable height

- Accessory hanger rail & cup holders


Disco Skillet:  Naturally seasoned cast iron with non-stick surface, 40cm Diameter.

Disco Tripod: Matte black anodized aluminum, 60cm (Closed); 89 - 120cm (Open)

Disco Stove: 8455BTU burner engineered by Kovea

Fuel: Butane canisters or propane canisters (using iKamper adapters sold separately)

Table: Furniture-grade waterproof birch plywood

Total Weight: 12 kg

Disco Tote - Sold Separately. Heavy-Duty Cotton Canvas w/ a nylon reinforced bottom to conveniently carry your Disco Skillet.

Disco Bag - Sold Separately

Heavy-Duty Cotton Canvas; Holds Skillet, Tripod, Stove, and Table. 7 Exterior Pockets.