Media Kit

Company Profile

Name: iKamper UK Ltd.

Mission: iKamper makes camping easy, convenient and fun by providing the most innovative equipment of the highest quality. With iKamper rooftop tents, take off when you want, stop where you want, embark on your own journey, and follow your dreams.


  • Head office and factory: Paju, South Korea (outskirts of Seoul)
  • UK Branch: Edinburgh, UK

History: Founded in 2012

Leadership: Soon Park, Founder and CEO

Product Line

  • Roadtrip: launched August 2013
  • Hardtop One: launched June 2014
  • Hardtop One, Jr.: launched August 2015
  • Skycamp: will launch February 27, 2017 on Kickstarter
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iKamper Story

"iKamper roof top tents are my little tree house dreams come true. Everybody who has read Mary Osborne's Magic Tree House series dreams of having their own tree house that takes them to a mysterious land. I also have dreamed of having my own tree house. The idea of having my own private room that takes me to all mysterious lands and unrevealed places fascinates me even now. iKamper roof top tents make dreams come true. With your little tree house on top of your car, you can go anywhere - strange lands and unknown places. Every day is so busy and repetitive that I sometimes want to step away from my life to rest and just take a breath. At that time I just take off with my roof top tent to camp and be part of nature. iKamper roof top tents take campers away from their daily routine into nature, the wilderness where they can see another part of themselves and embrace people and nature. With iKamper roof top tents, our campers take a journey back to their childhood."

- Soon Park, iKamper founder

Jack Kerouac's On The Road deeply inspired Soon Park, the founder of iKamper. Just like Kerouac, Park loves journeys. In 2004, Park went on a road trip from Boston to Los Angeles and back with his cheap trailer. iKamper roof top tents are a result of his 2004 road trip around North America. Since that road trip, Park's fascination about outdoor camping has continued. This led him to innovate iKamper's roof top tents: Hardtop One, Hardtop One Jr., Road Trip, and now Skycamp. He first started working on the Hardtop One in August 2012. After more than 20 prototypes, he produced his final one and conducted various tests in March 2014. The Hardtop One hit the market in June 2014, and the Skycamp is building on that success and set to launch in February 2017. Park's goal is make iKamper into a global brand. iKamper is attending various outdoor shows in Europe, North America, and Australia to expand the business worldwide.

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"Versatile and lightweight, the iKamper Hardtops seem to offer an excellent balance between simplicity, functionality and comfort for those who like to camp out with their car while on the road, without having to tow a heavy trailer."

- Kimberley Mok,, April 20, 2016

"As if setting up a tent with your wife wasn't stressful enough, throw in a couple of rambunctious kids running around the campsite, and you start wondering why you agreed to leave the backyard. But if you owned iKamper's new Skycamp, that whole tent would be up and running in under a minute. Relationship saved!"

- Dave Baldwin,, January 5, 2017

"At first glance, the Skycamp could be mistaken for any hard-shell rooftop car carrier. It's sleek and aerodynamic, comes in glossy black or white, and stands 12.6-inches tall closed; slap on ski resort sticker and nobody's the wiser. Pop open the expandable roof tent, however, and [...] prepare to be blown away!"

- Dave Baldwin,, January 5, 2017

"Go off the grid. Live in a treehouse. Cook something over a fire. And don't forget to Instagram it all. Carpe diem is having a moment right now. And [the Skycamp] isn't helping us hold tight to our day job one bit."

- Shari Gab,, January 18, 2017

"The archetypal "great journey" has its modern counterpart in the road trip, where adventure-seekers hit the road in the search of something else. Of course, there's more than one way to go on a road trip -- some do it only with their feet, others with a car or a van, while others may go whole-hog with a big RV, a custom-made teardrop, or a renovated vintage camper. But for those who like the simplicity of travelling only by car, it can get rough sleeping in the back. South Korean company iKamper is offering a versatile pop-up tent camper with an extendable floor that mounts to the roof of the car, featuring a hard top for extra durability."

- Kimberley Mok,, April 20, 2016